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I love photographing people on their special occasions and making them look great. Your wedding or event is not a photo shoot, it is a celebration. for this reason we work quickly and efficiently to create wonderful memories without taking too much time. With over 20 years of experience and state of the art professional equipment, we can creatively and reliably capture your special day for you to enjoy forever.

Feel free to call me between 9:00am and 9:00pm and I will be happy to discuss how we can provide great photography services for you.


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For most couples, their wedding is the first purchase of professional photography. There is a tendency to think of photography as a service, instead of a combination of service and product. The actual photographing of your wedding, and images delivered in whatever form you and your photographer have agreed upon are one and the same. The photography industry has always trended towards selling wedding photography as a service, with a minimal delivered product, in hopes of a large additional sale after the wedding. This in my opinion is rather unfair. My goal is to help couples understand what they want, and what that is going to cost rather than surprise them later after the wedding.

Unlike many other major purchases such as a car or appliance, where you can get the product and service from completely different sources, you are “married” to your wedding vendors. The photography industry flaunts elaborate studios with very high overhead as the ideal business models, but remember that businesses with a lot of overhead are very vulnerable to seasonal and market fluctuations and downturns. A number of studios in our area have gone out of business, and many can’t pay their bills on time, and have a mountain of debt. I have chosen what I feel is a more dependable business model. I office out of my home, which is paid for, I do all my photography on location, and I am involved in professional photography organizations and with my other colleagues. I have a 4 year degree in Photography and am involved in continuing education. Part of my involvement in photography organizations is to help people who are new to the business. While I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience, I am always shocked that they are marketing themselves a professional wedding photographers, yet have so little practical understanding of photography.

My entire business model is structured around reliability. I have backup equipment for everything. Gear occasionally does break, if it does, I just get another one out of my case. I have seen virtually every possible scenario and am well prepared.

I back up all my images. This is a burdensome task that many photographer do not bother with or do not do well. Digital images can be lost forever with the failure of a drive or the push of a button. I also use Apple computers to reduce the risk of viruses.

I clean my camera regularly. If you own a digital camera with interchangeable lenses, you have probably seen a dark spot mysteriously appear on your images. This is dirt in the camera. I have the technical skills needed to keep my cameras clean to minimize these image degrading spots.

There are three basic business models in the wedding photography industry. The traditional photography business, owned by the photographer who will be at your wedding, the photography studio who will send a part time contract employee, and the photography corporation who will hire a photographer they don’t know well and do not have a long term relationship with. These photographic companies are the same ones you see in Walmart, Sears, and David’s Bridal. When choosing who will photograph your wedding, it is important to understand what kind of company you are dealing with. With the exception of some unforeseen emergency, I will be the one photographing your wedding. In the event that because of accident or severe illness I am unable to work, I will do everything I can to have one of my equally qualified colleagues take over.

One of the terms you will see people, especially inexperienced photographers tout as an ideal style is “available” or “natural” light. I have been photographing for over 20 years and in less than 1% of my assignments has the existing light been ideal. Existing lighting, even when bright enough often has an orange or green color and is uneven or coming from an unflattering direction. I use whatever light I have, including on-camera flash, studio lighting and available light to create the best images possible. This balance creates the ideal scenario for reliably creating quality images.

Other terms you will hear such as “photojournalistic” or “reportage” may or may not be meaningful. I photograph whatever is happening as well as a few posted and staged photos as needed. Your wedding day is not a photoshoot. You as a bride and groom need to be focused on your guest and each other during your special day. I get the posed photos done quickly without interrupting the natural flow of your wedding day.

Contact me today and tell me about your wedding. I answer my phone from 9:00am til 9:00pm unless I am with a client. 281-684-4848

Our Wedding Packages start at 799.00

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